Workout Video for Legs and Thighs

I am just making my workout plan of 10 mins per area for a total of 5 areas. And I found a super channel of  Youtube, the Athlean-XX for Women it seems simple, quick but extremely EFECTIVE, exactly what I need these days.

Let’s give it a try!!


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How to Start your Fitness Journey? Welcome the very new you inside Out.

fit4                                 fit

Fitness “Journeys” “Paths” “Lifestyles” are everywhere on the internet, I know this because I was one of the very ceaseless researchers on how to do this, in order to change my life and health forever. I could admit that when you are doing this by yourself it can be a little intimidating to start properly (is your belief) because of all the information available. If you have the chance to seek for professional help trough nutritionists and physical trainers don’t think it twice and do it, because you will have a much personalized program adapted to your likes and capacities.

I was always a very athletic young girl until 19 or 20 years old when the possibilities of practicing the sports I enjoyed (Soccer, basketball, Softball, Surf…etc.) came very little due to my higher education.  And I will not even tell you about the “healthy nutrition”, let’s say that in a very wonderful tropical Country (as Dominican Republic is) the great delicious food, may be balanced in a good way, but we tend to eat over the limit, so the disproportioned “balance” turns to be a very unbalanced meals 3 times a day (at least) which in the Domino effect we are in already, it results in a not so “Healthy” meals. Adding to this deliZiouZnes (I jusT created that word, the Z effect makes it more tasty), the not so much time to go back home and seat down at the homemade meals, lead a lot of students and young workers to not be careful in what they are getting fed.

Hopefully this will stay in the past, and looking to the future, I really needed to make some changes in my present, my number one motivation to become healthier and in a good/normal weight is to become a mom someday. To Do this you don’t need to have an amazing body or excellent weight I know I know, just a nice caring heart, but the first lovely thing I could give to my child in the future is the best 9 months place he/she will be in, and this my friends you get it with healthy body overall, and later we will see why “health” is a direct result from well-balanced meal and what you do to/with your body.

In my first 3 months (January 22nd – April 22nd) I lost around 20 pounds (10 KG). I just followed what I felt comfortable doing, eating.  But how I started doing this is coming below. I am around 20 pounds left, of my goal, even if I am in the “normal” weight zone (157.4 lbs/78.7 Kg) with 5’9 (1.75 mts), due to cardiovascular issues I need to lose 20 more, but I am on a small break right now! 🙂


Calories, Fat Calories

The first Thing I search for is how to lose weight, obvious common start, when the goal is to lose weight. Later on, during my intensive 4 months research I understand that not always “loosing weight” is the ultimate healthier thing, again let’s introduce this b word “balance”, everything should be a balanced. What I did understand is that the calories you take in should be less of what you take out (decrease weight). The Calories will be a direct result in your weight loss or weight gain (either one is your healthy goal), and if you look at it in the fun, funny way I do, I started seen it as a game. The calories not necessary are the “fat” you have (which it will be much easier), Calorie is energy. Energy is need it to burn fat. Is simple at this. So understanding what to do to burn fat, what you need to eat to burn fat, the Calories will help you.

Easy Calories System, for Weight gain or weight loose.

Easy Calories System, for Weight gain or weight loose.

I hope is not Confusing, in a more understandable (practical) matter; 3,500 Calories equals to 1 Pound (0.5 Kg). So what is healthy (I talked to my nutritionist last year) is not to lose more than 2 Pounds (1 Kg) per week. Taking in consideration that when a person has a high amount of weight to lose this may change, and loose much more, specially after 2 or 3 weeks.

If you are at least a little bit lazy like me, or forget things easy, also like me trying to remember to write everything you eat, drink or do with pen and paper, an app can help you to track the Calories in and the Calories Out. I used Calorie Count (The Sun Logo), it is easy and comfortable to use it either in the phone or the pad. It gives you a very nice overview of the calories, and different brands, preparation process and gives you a very neat idea of your proportions (which you will be more aware overtime). Did i mention they have a really amazing Support Forum System, which other like you share, help and motivate with their own journey. They have much more apps out there, feel free to find the best for you.





What is on my plate?


After you do a small research, or using the Calorie Counter apps, you will start been more aware of which ingredients are in what you put to your lovely system every time you eat or think to eat. Some things look very harmless, what you think is healthy because has a “healthy organic” brand or sticker to it, sometimes is more unhealthy than you can ever imagine. Let’s keep the things simple and call   it for their names, PROCESSED, ARTIFICIAL, PRESERVED, LONG SHELF LIFE, BLEACHED, GMO’s, ohh this nation has a lot of names. Even simpler what ever is not fresh, organic, not processed, altered, with preservatives or chemicals enhanced is what you should search for.

What I really love about living in Moscow, is that even it has an international community,
and there are good varieties of products (until
now), they maintain the production/consumption of their natural organic products.  The quantity of differfresfitent types of cereals seems unlimited, the vegetables are like I have never see them before, the meats are so cute and awesome and the fruits oh my! I officially love the changing seasons because of this.

Going back to our subjects, try to find a Farmer’s Market near your neighborhood, where you can confirm that the products they sell there are from farms no far away (around 100 miles), besides this helping you to know is fresh growing products, and supporting local farmers (your community) the good impact you do to the environment (because of less transportation) at the end is a good impact to your health as well.

Check all the products you buy, instead of buying canned/boxed items, try the natural ones, freshfit3read the labels, anything you can’t pronounce properly (Unless you are a chemical scientist, which you know what I am talking about and do not apply to you) don’t take it even to your hair (believe me) until you know what it is and the consequences it makes to your health and you are ok with this, ask the butcher where they get the meat you buy, research about these places, etc.

At least for the first weeks I cut the breads, pasta, fried stuff, and all those things, to be honest I did it for a month, and my weight didn’t even blinked, then I decided to relax, and eat healthy versions of all this stuff, and magically Mr. Weight started to say bye-bye.

It looks like hard job, but it is not, and at the end your overall health will thank you very very much.




Move That Body, all the way around!!

From an Athletic young girl to a null “move” young woman, from this I tried gym once back in 2006 for around 6 or 7 months, while I wasn’t watching my nutrition properly, since I was studying and so, I really was using all my extra time to be in the gym, even on Sundays. My experience from that time is simple, I don’t like weight machines, or very heavy difficult stuff (my lazy skill kicking in), but I did start to enjoy all the “classes” the gym have, like Pilates, Yoga, Belly Dance, Zumba and even those which some weights (dumbbells or  not so heavy bars) that are part of the circuit and abs training as my daily fitness doze, I remember I really enjoyed doing Elliptical for an hour or hour and half (didn’t notice most of the times) and then one of these classes.


In overall I do  belive my weight was around 150 lbs or less, because I never weighed myself during this period, but trough my clothes and other indicators I could perceive it was massive, that was the lowest I have weighed.

Now for this time life changing journey, I knew that I had to invest some valuable time in the Gym. Take in consideration that for the past year I am living in a new totally different city, and with the winter kicking in, sometimes you need a safe warm place to sweat the pounds off.fit3

The point of the exercises is pretty much to help you burn more calories, and subsequently burn more fat. Remember when I wrote above that the weight at the end is not the priority here, well this is because of exercise and training, when you burn fat, your muscles kind of take the place and let me tell you if you didn’t know, even for me it was shocking, they do weigh more than fat. So technically you will be healthier, skinnier, but your weight maybe will be the same (or higher than your goal) while having very defined muscles.

Find a nice activity that you will enjoy, I will be honest in saying I had to push myself out of bed sometimes (other times even O had to help me), because to get used to something new is sometimes harder than you think, and is not like a sport that will  have me right there quickly, but I had to do the effort. Anything from running, jogging, even walking are great cardiovascular activities that depending on your time invested will pay great results to you. Join a club or a discipline you want to try, is never to late to start. Even winter sports (snowboard and ice skating) for me are a major exercise.

Fit14I follow all the social media to motivate me and get ideas, one of the magazines I follow online and offline is Fitness Rx for Women , they have amazing tips for everyone, even for pregnant women (which makes me feel  very comfortable, for my future :*) ) and really interesting articles in a daily basis.






Dealing with “Plateau”.


The “Plateau” French origin word means in other terms: a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress. This my friends is where I am right now, in an extended version. I know I reached the fearsome Mr. P, when no matter what I was doing (no much different from the first three months), my weight didn’t move up or down from 157.4, maybe a pound there or something, but nothing major.fit9

I tried for several weeks to do something more, and change this, but our vacation to Italy (yes, I was ready to surrender all myself to pizza and Pasta forever Va bene!) was imminent and promising to break anything i was doing (Promise to make a post about Budget Italy Trip). I took it easier, and said to myself that to fight Mr. P  I had to let go, relax and enjoy, and I did this, and I am still doing 😉 . For my amuse I didn’t get over than just 3 pounds in the whole 10 days, and people let me tell you it was totally delicious worth it!

To eliminate the Plateau we need to take in consideration a lot of factors, like food, activity, rest time to continue with the journey, so summer for me is vacation for my fitness, I try not to believe this too deeply, I am planning at least start jogging very soon and doing some basic home workouts. Besides the exercising I need to change my meals plan and design something new for my goal. Soon but not yet.


Other Important Information

  • Water is your new best friend. She will love you so much that you will feel she is doing all the hard job for you!! You should consider taking 0.5 ounces of water x your body weight. This for me is 78.7 ounces every day (2.3 litters). Other calculations take in consideration the weather and the activities you do every day like Water Intake Calculator which is really good too.
  • Good rest, is a challenge nowadays  when our hectic environment is dictating our life. We should rest enough (Ahem!  not like me, I am still fighting to put down my 10-12 hours sleep at least to 8 1/2, I am on a good way :D. The proper night rest is directly linked with our overall health and the capacity of our body systems to work properly together, Yes! also to get on a normal weight overtime.
  • Relax, we do need to let go sometimes and not lose our head over hills or get obsessive with a specific weight, shape, our looks, the most important is to  seek health and to maintain it, then the looks will come as part of how good you will feel.
4 fit step

The 4 legs Table for Fitness Sucess



  1. What you eat is ultimately the changing factor. Remember Fat loss= 80% what you eat +20% what you do!
  2. For overall Fitness success the table balance of Good Rest, Water, Exercise and Healthy eating!
  3. Do fun activities, try several first and then keep on going several days a week, increase the quantity untill you see results but always give yourself rest days in between hard training.
  4. Enjoying the Summer and take the most of its benefits, outdoors activities are double great for your health, think about  exercising while giving your body an extra fresh O2!!


    Fun, Nice and Enjoyable activities.


I feel so much lively and vital after this half of my  journey, I will for sure re-take my plans taking in consideration all the good things I did, the ones that didn’t work out and what makes me happy.


What about you? Do you have any Fitness story or Tips you will like to share?? Post in the comment box.

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Faith begins…within YOU

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…Continue Your Life.. Everywhere!

It is a new day, a new week in this still very new country for me. But, let’s go back a little bit, like almost a year and something a go, when I was just trying to get used to my life in Barcelona (living/studying for 9 months). I knew by then the only thing I had for sure, my goal to finish my master, so I was working very hard for it :p !!

Around January 2013 my lovely “O” asked me to move in with him, of course I have always been a sort of surprise effect for a lot of people, specially to myself, I get surprised of what I am capable of doing and thinking everyday…that’s very nice for me, it keeps me going and most of all not bored!.

Ok back to that time, when I said OF COURSE YES! I really should have been thinking in a lot of other things but I actually wasn’t thinking in my future steps in this very well “not known” land. I just told to myself: “Girl, you know what? when you get there you will figure it out”. In reality haha, even been here since July/August of that year I still didn’t know what to do with my life in this country, I became a person who I never thought I would become a “sleepy bear”, wich I love, but is not the plans I had for myself. Oh sweet and unexpected love what you do to your kids?!

Is true, I wasn’t doing what I want it to do, like working, saving money for my future and all the other following orders. But hey!, I was happy, I am still very happy as a clam!! But the mega reality slap is that  I needed  to have a plan for my life (wich I am still developing or doing/creating). This is why No Recipers I want to share my plans or “recipe” of how to continue with your journey of life anywhere!

Feel Free to adapt it or add the steps of your choice, this is only a guide, that worked for this very (lazy) happy person! haha

Ready, Set Go!


Be Patient! (Copyright

1. DON’T Be soo HARD ON YOURSELF. Remember that you are new in this place, for whichever reason, either studying, working, living or following the love of your life, give yourself time to adapt, be patient with you, little by little you will find the ways of feeling it.

Continue Life Everywhere (3)

Do It! Keep It! Be happy!

2. Continue doing what you used to do at home. Why to stop now? If the things you liked to do there made you feel happier, and yourself, organize yourself to not let go your identity. If you like to cook and you want to keep doing it, why not doing a fusion, learn this cuisine and have fun (it can come very handy in the future). If you like to run, and love outdoors, find the nearest park around your home/job I am sure you will not look like a crazy person even if you are the only one running. The list goes and goes on, just imagine it…YES! you can still do THAT too there!

Clipart Illustration of a Smart Blond Baby Smiling And Reading A

Learn from scratch!

3.Learn the LANGUAGE! Ok, I must admit, for me this has been the more tough so far, I was very good with the auto-teaching myself English (Spanish is my first language), I am still not perfect but hey, who is!? Learning a new language specially the totally different alphabets ones (for example Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic..and so on) for me of course are a real challenge, but because is difficult you shouldn’t stop trying to nail it! Little by little if you are going to live in this new place for a long time, you should invest in some classes with specialized teachers and my personal recommendation, with a group that like you is trying to learn.

Don’t be afraid of talking, maybe I don’t know much of Russian, but because I talk and try to say in the language anything, I receive an extra feedback and correction from friends and family members and even the grandmas at the gym help me a lot (they are very sweet), and it makes me feel supported and very comfortable too! My Goal is that at least in a Year I will be talking more and more, and hey I have come so far, at least I can find the way back home, or talk/ask to someone for basic information!

Continue Life Everywhere (1)

Plan it!

4. Make a Plan of your Goals! Try to organize yourself, organization is key, don’t get to crazy with the new stuff going around you (except the food, wich is DELICIOUS!). Organize Yourself, set a time of the day to learn the language, to have enough rest, to exercise yourself (if you like it ) or some activity that makes you happy, is true not to forget what made you happy back home, but is also very important find time for new things to do and learn, specially to make new friends where you are, go for a walk, to see a movie (they are english movie theaters in Russia so I bet you can find one there), is good to plan in all the things you want to do, maybe your life can be a little bit predictable
at the beginning but then, it will just go with the flow!

Continue Life Everywhere (2)

There are other like you! right there

5. Find groups like you! I am not talking about, if you are hippie style just go to the woods and live in tents for the rest of your stay with them (hey no hard feelings to hippies, my soul is hippie!! just an example) with those of your likes, I am referring about other expats in your area, other international people like you, who are far away from home! I really like the groups and communities of and for Expats, my favorite so far is InterNations, they are in most of the countries if not in each of the countries and cities around the globe, they make nice activities, have job forums, and are a great support for you (they have gone trough what you are going trough) and is an easy way to make new friends and professional networking.

Continue Life Everywhere (4)

Don’t close yourself


6. Don’t Close yourself to the locals! This is kind of obvious in a part of the number 4, besides making new friends, joining the locals in their celebrations, meetings,etc. This can make you feel like one more or at least give you another perspective of their lifestyle and customs and traditions they are used to.

Is ok to be shy, or even suspicious at the beginning when you are new, don’t understand the language, or just don’t feel the connection with someone local, but give it time, eventually if you are working or studying with these people you will know how they really are.

Continue Life Everywhere (5)

Dinner Parties!! yeah!!

7. Make Lunch/Dinner or Gathering Parties 😉 Yes, after the number 6 is done and running, you can make an organize a little gathering at your place, which maybe you can cook something from your country (or cooking something local too),  a movie night, game night (sports games or table games) or tell everyone (if they are from different nationalities or not) to bring their favorite dish or something special, for you to learn or know and of course to TASTE! hehe (my favorite 😀  ) their cuisine, and is a nice sharing between people, is really fun to see the other faces when they try my dominican mangú!! PRICELESS!

I kind of like my 7 Point Lists, of course this could grow double since I am still developing and experiencing new things. When the time comes right I will definitely update this post, our Life Recipes are not written yet!

Let me know in the comments below, if you have a way of adapting when you are traveling or what did you do to continue an amazing life when you move from city or country?

“Our Journeys are our steps, and we create our own way”

Love , and peace, and happiness always,



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Birth…Day Celebrations!


Birthday in Moscow!


Surely 27 years ago my mother who was holding me by this time in my country (Dominican Republic) didn’t know that this day i was going to celebrate my day in a far away land, next to the man i Love “O” and doing amazing things. She certainly didn’t have a minimal idea that i was going to be this crazy but still very simple girl, that will enjoy to spend her day on a tour boat trough Moscow River, taking pictures or the now famous “Selfies” in front of the main landmarks of this amazing city.

Maybe she did imagined that i was going to have a good palate for foreign food (or food in general ;D ) trying the famous “pelmeni” for hundred time already, after all it runs in the family. Pretty much she knew that i was going to enjoy all kids or at least “spiritual kid” (how i define my spirit) stuff, like paddle boat in an amazing Gorky park, eating ice cream while the temperature is not the most warm for it , haha!, and just strolling and pointing to colorful and funny things like flowers, birds, ducks, and butterflies.

She definitely didn’t predict that one year before this one, her most young kid, was going to be in Barcelona studying, following her dreams, and celebrating her birthday in Vienna, with a full day activities, with whole new experiences, walking trough amazingly very big gardens of The Belvedere castle hand in hand with her soul mate,  meeting her favorite animal in the Giant version (Panda Bears rock!!) for the first time in The Schönrunn Zoo, or  on a very HUGE (64.75m) wheel (The Giant Ferris Wheel) in a famous iconic park of this city. Indeed, in Vienna everything is either BIG, HUGE or Giant :D.


Birthday in Moscow Tulips Yellow!

What i am sure now is that day on May 8th of 1987, my mom was thanking God that i was in a great health, that finally after two boys, he sent her a baby girl, that she just wanted to follow her dreams when the time came, but most of all she wanted this girl to be HAPPY and blessed with whatever, wherever, whichever or whoever she will have, be or do in her life!

After an amazing day, full of the best wishes from friends and family members, the best memories that will be cherished forever and a very thankful soul to God and Life for every single day she can breathe, smile, think, create and write and officially set this blog as inaugurated (yeah, i kind of love these big ceremonies haha :p ) and dedicate it to her mom that for sure is watching every single step she makes from heaven.

And now this girl is seated here writing her first post for this amazing blog that she is creating to help and share with people like her, that either is following their dreams, love, commitments or just a magical passion at unknown lands, a  girl who is  at some minutes to blow her candle making a wish for this and all the great things she has in her life, surely since 27 years ago been happy and blessed,

Welcome 27, welcome NO Recipers Abroad.

“Our Journey are our steps, and we create our own way”

Love , and peace, and happiness always,




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